School Timing

  From To
Academic Session 1 April 31 March
Vacation Period 1 May 19 June
Admission Period 1 April 31 August

The  School timings are from 9.00 A.M. to 4.00 P.M.   The holidays and vacations are prescribed by the State Education Department.

Code of Conduct 

 1. Education is the main objective of the School and is the primary purpose for which students are admitted.  Studies must be taken seriously.  Home assignments and periodical tests should receive full and sincere attention.
2. Attendance in class is compulsory; a minimum of 80% attendance is required for eligibility  to appear for the annual examination. Strict action will be taken against students with irregular attendance.
3. In case of absence a proper application for leave of absence from the parents/guardian should be produced either before proceeding on leave or immediately after availing of it.
4. Sports and extra curricular activities are equally important.  All students are expected to participate.
5. Every student is expected to be honest, truthful, loyal, simple, orderly, social, kind and modest.
6. All students should be habitually clean & always neatly dressed.  On all school days the uniform is to be won.
7. Any damage done to school property shall be fined.
8. Valuable articles, ornaments, etc. are not be won on school days.  If this rule is disintegrated responsibility lies with the parents and not on the school authorities.
9. Students should not bring cracker, seizers, Blade, mobile etc. to school.  Bursting of crackers and playing with seizers/blade, sharp steel scales is liable to lead to expulsion of a student from the school.
10. No student will be allowed to meet visitors during the school hours and no student may leave the school premises during school hours (including the recess) without the permission of the principal.
11. In case of any damage to school articles, properties by any student, he/she is liable for immediate suspension/expulsion from the roll of the school.
12. If there is any difficulty, problem or trouble they can freely approach their Class teacher or Principal for solution who will deem it a pleasure to prove himself a friend and guide to them. 


• All new admissions are subject to availability of vacancies in a particular class and subject to performance in an admission test / interview.
• Every candidate for admission must be introduced to the Principal in person by one who will be responsible for that student.  Pupils coming from other schools must produce Transfer Certificates of the school attended last and a copy of the mark-sheet, progress card from the previous school.
• For admission to K.G. I  the child should be  able to recognize alphabets, numbers, common animals, fruits. The child should also know some nursery rhymes.
• The admission test for all other classes shall be based on the syllabus of the previous class.
• Correct date of birth is to be given at the time of admission.  Date of Birth once registered in the school records shall not be changed.
• Only “First Aid” facility is available in the school and the school is not responsible for any kind of injuries and accidents.